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Orders for Protection

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Orders for Protection

You can file for an Order for Protection (OFP) if you or your minor child has been the victim of domestic violence, or you may find it necessary to defend if you have been wrongly accused of domestic abuse. Essentially, paper work is completed that tells your story. A judge will review the paperwork and determine if the facts justify an immediate ex parte order. If so, a hearing will be set, during which witnesses may testify. The court will make a determination if an order should be granted.

If the order is granted, it may offer certain protections, including:

  • Restrain the parties from having any contact with each other which can include no contact in person, by telephone, letter or through a third party.
  • Grant possession of a home to one of the parties.
  • Establish temporary custody and parenting time.
  • Grant temporary child support or spousal maintenance to one of the parties.
  • Order one or both of the parties to participate in counseling or therapy.
  • Award temporary possession of personal property.
  • Order a party that the court believes has committed domestic abuse to compensate the victim for medical bills and/or lost income as a result of injuries sustained.

Whether or not a judge orders any, or all of the above, depends on the facts of your case. If you are a victim or have been accused of abuse, contact our offices for more information.

You will find links to court forms that you may need at the Minnesota Courts website: www.courts.state.mn.us/.