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December 2013 Archives

Are full custody parents against fathers' rights?

The question we raise in today’s post title is in reaction to a recent story in the Huffington Post. Some of our readers here in Minnesota may be familiar with the article of which we speak, which talks about the recent criticism actress Kate Winslet has taken from a fathers’ rights group for her parenting style. But some of our readers might be wondering: is the criticism grounded in any real injustice or is the fathers’ rights group making judgments based on only half of the facts?

Minnesota man who championed gay marriage has turn at altar

For the past few decades, same-sex couples here in Minnesota have felt like second-class citizens because they did not have the right to marry. But finally, on May 14, 2013, Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill that would allow same-sex marriage and change the lives of gay couples across the state. One of those lives is Richard Carlbom, who some of our readers may know as one of the faces behind the same-sex marriage movement here in Minnesota. And after seeing his dream of same-sex marriage become a reality, he also had his own chance to stand at the altar.

Ramsey County's dealing with thousands of child support matters

It has been reported that the average amount of child support owed by matters handled by Ramsey County attorney's office is $16,000.  Some of the back child support cases are as high as $100,000.  In any case, the office is generally handling approximately 29,000 cases.   

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