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Considering child support in a joint custody arrangement

Whether it is due to constant disputes, substantial changes in their lives or irreconcilable differences, some parents fair better post-divorce. Although staying together for children is often practiced, divorcing for the children could be in the best interest of the child.

Documentary might prove helpful for some divorcing couples

Married couples in Minnesota understand that trends can shape how people act and think. When a couple decides that it is time to end their marriage, they may look to public forums for information to help with the divorce process. A marriage dissolution may prove to be very complex, so it is essential that spouses take the time to assess all issues involved, especially if they have children and need to devise a child custody agreement.

Unique approach by court concerning parenting issues

One unmarried father walked into a Minnesota courtroom expecting to be informed as to how much child support he would have to pay.  What happened instead was that the two parents were then referred to co-parenting court where a variety of child-raising issues were to be discussed.

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