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Documentary might prove helpful for some divorcing couples

Married couples in Minnesota understand that trends can shape how people act and think. When a couple decides that it is time to end their marriage, they may look to public forums for information to help with the divorce process. A marriage dissolution may prove to be very complex, so it is essential that spouses take the time to assess all issues involved, especially if they have children and need to devise a child custody agreement.

A recently released documentary entitled 'Divorce Corp.' is an 88-minute film that focuses on divorce and how it has become a $50 billion-a-year industry. Furthermore, it focuses on common divorce issues such as child custody, legal fees and alternative methods to resolve disputes. Although it is important for documentaries to focus on major issues that Americans are dealing with, the film has been criticized for focusing more on extremes, rather than the common issues that plague divorcing couples in the United States.

Because divorce is a complex process and can include various issues and disputes, divorcing couples could end up spending a lot of money attempting to reach a divorce settlement. For many, child custody is a major issue that parents cannot agree on. Instead of going before a family court judge, taking a more collaborative approach will not only save the parents money, but will also allow them to work together and co-parent effectively.

The divorce process is complex and not every couple is the same or need the same things. This is why it is important that divorcing couples seek independent advice about their situation so they can take the appropriate course of action. This will also protect their rights and preserve their interests.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Rosenblum: 'Divorce Corp.' is stark reminder of high costs of U.S. breakups," Gail Rosenblum, Jan. 13, 2014

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