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February 2014 Archives

Report reveals dwindling rate of divorce in Minnesota

A few weeks ago, a large part of the civilized world, including Minnesota and its residents, celebrated Valentine's Day, a day meant to commemorate love. For some, though, the question may arise as to when a marriage gone wrong reaches a point from which there is no return for the couple, and a divorce is their best option.

Minnesota child support ruling raises questions for lawmakers

While some cases of divorce can be dealt with sans struggle, others can become much more dramatic affairs. This is especially true when child support is involved after a divorce has been finalized. As a recent Minnesota child support case shows, the legal struggle can sometimes unfortunately extend for years. However, despite the longevity of the case at hand, it is causing lawmakers to reexamine some elements of child support in Minnesota.

Minnesota legislator's divorce tied in with business decisions

Married couples who go into business together can face some unique challenges, both within the context of their relationship and in property division should the marriage come to an end. The recently announced retirement of one Minnesota legislator highlights some of these concerns.

Proper conduct in a divorce may protect both spouses

Major life events often include big decisions and life changes. Minnesota's married couples that decide the time has come to part ways often understand the divorce process could significantly affect their life for years and even decades to come. How they handle their emotions and conduct during this time could determine how complex and lengthy the process will be. Reaching a divorce settlement might be difficult in general, but with the correct frame of mind, outlook and support system, their dissolution could be easier and even amicable.

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