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Report reveals dwindling rate of divorce in Minnesota

A few weeks ago, a large part of the civilized world, including Minnesota and its residents, celebrated Valentine's Day, a day meant to commemorate love. For some, though, the question may arise as to when a marriage gone wrong reaches a point from which there is no return for the couple, and a divorce is their best option.

A recent report, however, has revealed that Minnesota exhibits one of the six lowest rates of divorce among all the states in the U.S. Moreover, no municipality in Minnesota reaches the top 50 list of cities with high divorce rates. This report seems to be in direct contradiction to an earlier study, though, conducted back in 2012 which had ranked several of Minnesota's cities as some of the most "unfaithful" in the country. Since its publication, the 2012 study has attracted a considerable amount of controversy and furor.

However, even if one believes this latest report, it does not mean that divorces have stopped occurring altogether in Minnesota. Instead, Minnesota residents will continue to face the difficulties of divorce into the foreseeable future. And when they do find themselves amidst a divorce, they might struggle to settle a large number of complex legal issues, including child custody, alimony child support and property division.

Owing to such complexities, a large number of couples hesitate to dissolve their marriage. Many times, seeking efficient and experienced legal assistance at the beginning of the matter can help these issues turn out better. Therefore, those who are considering filing for divorce, but who may feel uneasy about it, should contact a legal professional in order to clarify the issues and determine which legal strategies may support his or her best interests.

Source: Bringmethenews, "Minnesota: Land of happy marriages?," Tim Lammers, Feb 14, 2014.

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