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New report shows divorce rate at all-time high

As with any other difficult trial in life, going through a divorce can at times be a very isolating experience. However, thanks to a new study from the University of Minnesota, those experiencing a divorce might be less alone now than ever, which is both comforting and sad at the same time.

While previous trains of thought subscribed to the notion that divorce rates have been steadily dropping since their peak in the late 1970s, the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota is reporting that the reality could be quite different. In sifting through different types of data and interpreting the patterns they present in a more detailed fashion, the team at the university was able to conclude that the divorce actually has risen quite significantly for couples over the age of 35. This stands in stark contrast to what was previous thought - the divorce rate peaked for couples up until 25 years old and then tapered off.

The new report calls into question what exactly defines marital stability. While a simple definition might point to longevity being the defining factor, the revelation that divorce rates are increasing in couples that have spent many years together challenges that notion. This presents an interesting question for marital research going forward.

No matter what stage of marriage a couple may be in, unfortunately there are times when a dispute cannot be worked out without talk of divorce. While this is clearly not a rare occurrence any longer, proper legal guidance can help quell the stress and emotional pain caused by divorce, leading to a fresh start.

Source: Huffington Post, "Is the US Divorce Rate Going Up Rather Than Going Down?," Robert Hughes, Jr., March 6, 2014

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