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May 2014 Archives

Divorce can impact financial decisions, Social Security Benefits

Divorce or re-marriage can have a huge impact on a Minnesota resident, both emotionally as well as financially. After a divorce, an individual may have too many financial obligations to look after. Most people tend to overlook the financial angle in a divorce. Even more are unaware of the calculation of the Social Security benefits. A change in marital status also has a change on this critical retirement asset. A recent report shows that more elderly couples are opting for divorces in United States, including cities in Minnesota.

Child custody laws in Minnesota undergo changes

There may be a need to make changes in some of the child custody laws, and the state of Minnesota has witnessed some of these changes for those who are finalizing their divorce. The law now states that the factors for determining child custody should be redefined while granting joint custody of the child. The law will no longer make a presumption for or against joint custody, except in cases involving domestic violence or abuse.

Country witnesses rise of divorce cases among elderly couples

Divorce is a very hard decision to make for young or middle aged couples, but it can be even harder for those who are on the other side of 50. Minnesota, as well as many other states, has witnessed a rise in the number of divorce cases among elderly couples.

Same-sex marriages gaining popularity in Minnesota

It is often said that some matches are made in heaven, but in truth, not all marriages are heavenly. Nearly half of all legal unions end in divorce, some citing irreconcilable differences that arise out of various circumstances. Same-sex marriages, made legal in Minnesota last year, will be dissolved the same way all other marriages are and will be subject to the same legal filings and negotiations.

Divorce may cost money, but alternatives may be more expensive

When a husband and a wife wish to sever the tie between them by way of a court-approved dissolution of marriage, the emotional and psychological stress that they are often under makes it rather difficult for them to make certain financial decisions. It is in this process that the services of and advice from a knowledgeable divorce lawyer may be of considerable use to the parties involved.

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