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Same-sex marriages gaining popularity in Minnesota

It is often said that some matches are made in heaven, but in truth, not all marriages are heavenly. Nearly half of all legal unions end in divorce, some citing irreconcilable differences that arise out of various circumstances. Same-sex marriages, made legal in Minnesota last year, will be dissolved the same way all other marriages are and will be subject to the same legal filings and negotiations.

More and more states have legalized same-sex marriage, making this kind of union more common. According to reports, nearly 3,000 same-sex couples have married in Minnesota since same-sex unions became a part of Minnesota law in 2013. One survey found that one third of marriage licenses issued in Minnesota were for same-sex couples. Per estimates, there are 10,000 same-sex couples living throughout Minnesota. While some couples are married, others live as domestic partners.

Seventeen states in the US along with the District of Columbia allow same-sex couples to marry. However, the majority of states still prohibit same-sex marriages including Minnesota's neighbors, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, which have not legalized same-sex marriages.

Every marriage experiences times when a couple is unable to continue with marital life and, therefore, decides to end their marriage. Various issues addressing separation and divorce can surface, complicating the process.

Same-sex couples divorcing need to address issues such as property division and spousal maintenance. If the couple has biological or adopted children, then child custody becomes an important issue as well. A combination of all of these aspects can often lead to a legal dispute. Therefore, consulting a Maple Grove divorce attorney may be a wise decision for couples contemplating divorce.

Source: Keloland.com, "Same-Sex Couples Getting Married In Minnesota," Andy Graning, April 28, 2014

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