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June 2014 Archives

Celebrity rapper misses son's custody hearing for World Cup

Divorce causes many changes in the lives of the people that it touches, especially for children of separating parents. Many parents, even if they were never married, fight over custody of their children. Child custody is an important issue during any separation and deciding the primary caregiver of a child should be done with the best interest of the child in mind. Increasingly, more and more parents in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and beyond, are battling over child custody and child support.

Court orders actress to pay $16,000 per month for child support

After divorce, many parents in Minnesota fight over custody of their children. Child support is an integral part of that custody battle, and finances play an important role in determining child support payments. Child support payments depend on the income of the parents, among many other factors.

New trend in divorce requires celebrating end with parties

If statistics are to be believed, many couples in Maple Grove, Minnesota, are either contemplating or in the middle of a divorce. Fifty years ago, divorce was discouraged and something not discussed. However, times have changed, and it is now more socially acceptable to divorce, so much so, that recently many couples are organizing extravagant divorce parties to celebrate the end of a marriage. Special cakes are ordered with special designs and champagne is served all around.

Governing bodies encourage parents to opt for joint custody

Divorces can be difficult and emotionally stressful, both for the spouses and for any children involved. Children need both parents during their growing years. In the past, fathers were often not awarded child custody, as mothers were believed to take better care of the child. The trend seems to be changing now in the United States and in Minnesota.

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