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Celebrity rapper misses son's custody hearing for World Cup

Divorce causes many changes in the lives of the people that it touches, especially for children of separating parents. Many parents, even if they were never married, fight over custody of their children. Child custody is an important issue during any separation and deciding the primary caregiver of a child should be done with the best interest of the child in mind. Increasingly, more and more parents in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and beyond, are battling over child custody and child support.

Recently, a rap superstar and producer missed his child custody court appearance, allegedly to watch the World Cup in Brazil. The mother of the child asked the court to increase child support by $4,000 per month because the parties' three-year-old son lives with her. The singer's attorney said that he was unable to return from a trip abroad due to passport issues, but in contradiction to that claim, the missing dad posted pictures of himself on a social media website, where he allegedly was enjoying a World Cup game.

Sometimes, children are caught in the middle of an ugly divorce battle and some parents use them to get revenge, which only has a negative effect on the emotional upbringing of the child. Both parents should work cooperatively so children are not hurt emotionally. A child needs both parents when growing up and the best custody arrangements are those in which parents cooperate. When parents cannot agree, the court will make a decision that is in the best interest of the child.

If you are contemplating divorce or ending a relationship in which children are involved, you can consult a Maple Grove family law attorney who can help parents make the best decisions regarding child custody and support arrangements. Since every situation is different, an attorney can provide a comprehensive solution to different problems.

Source: Page Six, "Pras skips court and misses child custody hearing," Julia Marsh, June 17, 2014

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