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August 2014 Archives

How is child support calculated in Minnesota?

Both Minnesota parents are responsible for their child's upbringing. They are responsible to take care of the child, and provide finances to take care of the child's basic necessities, health and education. To ensure that no parent shies away from this responsibility, Minnesota courts order non-custodial parents to pay child support.

Establishing paternity in Minnesota

Although every child has a biological father, not every child necessarily has a legal father. In Minnesota, when an unmarried couple has a child, paternity can be established only after someone takes the legal measures to show that the person is the legal father. Unless paternity is established, the person will not be considered the legal father of the child, even if his name reflects it on the child's birth certificate. The father has no financial obligation towards the child nor can he claim child custody or parenting time.

Minnesota completes a year of legalized same sex marriages

Marriage is the legal union of two people who love each other. They may be a same sex couple or an opposite sex couple. While opposite sex couples had a right to get married and divorce since the beginning, same sex couples could not legally marry or divorce in Minnesota until very recently.

Retirement benefits require special consideration in a divorce

Minnesota residents may have invested in insurance policies and other retirement plans to ensure that enough money is available when they retire or if they become unable to work. However, property division during a divorce may affect well-laid retirement plans.

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