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September 2014 Archives

Paternity actions important in ascertaining fatherhood

When a child is born to unmarried parents, whether they are from Minnesota or not, certain situations can lead to thorny complications. Sometimes, both parents accept responsibility and agree to care for the child jointly. However, in other cases, either the mother refuses to share custody of the child with the father or the father denies a biological link to the child.

Does Minnesota's same-sex marriage law grant rights to employees?

Same-sex marriages were legalized in Minnesota on August 1, 2013. This change conferred many rights to same-sex couples, as well as equal rights under employment law. However, some matters can get complicated because of cross border issues which occur when a neighboring state with different marriage laws is involved.

How can hidden assets be found during property division?

Some people think of hiding some of their assets while contemplating an end to their marriage. The person may feel that the property rightfully belongs to them and therefore should not be included in marital property, but the law may not agree and the person may have to face serious consequences.

Teachers should be informed about child custody arrangements

Parents in New York know that education is important in every child's life. However, the first day at school can be stressful for many children. The child may be concerned about friends, books, teachers and the overall new life away from the family at school. If the child is living in a family that has recently divorced or separated, it can lead to additional concerns.

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