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November 2014 Archives

Deciphering Minnesota child custody laws

Minnesota parents dream of seeing their children grow into successful and accomplished people and they try to support their children in every way. However, many things can change when parents decide to end their marriage.

Can unmarried fathers establish fatherhood in Minnesota?

Like every other state in the country, Minnesota has seen an increase over the last three decades in the number of children born to unmarried parents. With fathers not easily identified by virtue of their marriage to these children's mothers, states have been focusing more on establishing paternity, and thus financial accountability, for these men. Many of these unmarried fathers also want to establish fatherhood so they can be close to their children.

Jane Lynch's divorce gets judge's nod

Divorces may be a common occurrence in Minnesota, but same-sex divorces are not. Same-sex divorces are still rare in the country, and high asset divorces between same-sex couples are especially uncommon. In a recent case of a high asset divorce between a same-sex couple, a judge has given the final verdict on actress Jane Lynch's divorce with her wife of more than four years. According to reports, after Lynch and clinical psychologist Dr. Lara Embry married four years ago, conflicts arose between them, culminating in the divorce.

How is child support calculated in Minnesota?

In Maple Grove, Minnesota, and across the state, a child has the legal right to be financially supported by his or her parents. When a court orders payments for the upkeep and wellbeing of a child, such payments are called "child support." Child support can be sought by a parent, a third-party custody holder or by a Minnesota county attorney's office.

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