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Deciphering Minnesota child custody laws

Minnesota parents dream of seeing their children grow into successful and accomplished people and they try to support their children in every way. However, many things can change when parents decide to end their marriage.

The parents may not be able to reach a mutual agreement regarding many issues. However, most parents will be concerned for the well-being of their children and may seek custody. They may be worried that the other parent may not be able to care for the child, fulfill the child's needs or that they may not be able to visit the child in the future. While there are various issues that the parent may be concerned about, and some of those concerns may be justified, some others can be due to apprehension regarding the future. However, the best way to resolve child custody disputes is to work cooperatively with the soon-to-be ex-spouse.

The parents may choose sole custody or joint custody of the child. However, if the parents, due to certain circumstances, are not able to decide on a suitable child custody plan, the court will determine custody. While deciding on the custody issue, the court will take into account the best interests of the child, the wishes of the parents, the bond between the parent and the child and other relevant factors. The parents will have to make sure that their position is understood, issues are clarified and questions of the court are answered correctly, to support their case.

Knowledge of the guidelines that are followed in such cases, along with the relevant laws, can prove helpful to parents seeking child custody. For more information on child custody and other topics, please visit our website.

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