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Divorcing in Minnesota? Consider speaking with us for options

A couple going through a divorce confronts a wide range of emotions, not all of which are grounded in love. True, hearts do break when a marriage falls apart, but the financial impact of a divorce can break more than your heart. The many aspects that must be settled in a divorce include property division, spousal support and child support, which all come with the potential to break your financial well-being.

Minnesota couples increasingly have been choosing divorce mediation over litigation in order to resolve their divorce issues. Divorce mediation involves a written agreement in which the couple, not the court, decides the issues related to child custody and the like. A legal professional acts as the mediator and facilitator. If you choose mediation at this stage, it is important to consult an attorney, who has firm knowledge of and experience with the divorce mediation process.

The lawyers at Terzich & Ort L.L.P., have extensive family law experience and have helped numerous clients with the divorce mediation process. Attorneys at our firm provide clients with a clear understanding of the benefits of divorce mediation and how a faster solution can be reached as a result of mediation. Both spouses participate during the mediation sessions, but it is also recommended that both spouses have their own attorneys when involved in mediation.

Only a wise and seasoned attorney will ensure that the divorce mediation process and the accompanying agreement are in the best interest of his or her client. A divorce attorney works with a client through all stages of a divorce, from mediation to any post-judgment modifications, such as child support payments.

Minnesota permits a divorce decree to be issued on no-fault grounds. Even if you are seeking a no-fault divorce, you need the support of an astute attorney to make sure the final divorce decree is fair.

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