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March 2015 Archives

Divorce lawyers provide creative solutions for alimony payments

For couples everywhere, including Minnesota, divorce means uncoupling and then resolving a variety of issues. Some are purely emotional, and some are purely financial. Many, though, are both. For instance, a final divorce decree often requires that one spouse pay alimony or spousal support to the other. The spouse who must pay is often unhappy at having to pay anything at all and then vexed by the amount required. The spouse who receives may be similarly unhappy with the amount, believing the payer can afford to pay more.

Minnesota lawmakers propose "Cooperative Private Divorce"

People living in Maple Grove and the rest of Minnesota might agree that divorce can often be a very difficult experience for separating spouses. Their troubles are sometimes compounded when the divorce process involves various hearings in court, resulting in significant legal expenses. However, recent developments in the Minnesota legislature may soon change that.

When can a child-custody case be initiated in Minnesota?

Divorce is a complex affair that involves many related family issues, including child and spousal support, property division and others. One of the most important is child custody, and like elsewhere in the country, courts in Minnesota are charged with considering children's best interests. As elsewhere, Minnesota allows two types of child custody: physical and legal.

How Thrift Savings Plan accounts are divided during divorce

The end of a marriage is more than just two people parting for good. It is also about splitting their property. Property division is an integral part of divorce in every state, including Minnesota. As part of that, retirement benefits may be divided by court order. These benefits can include federal Thrift Savings Plans.

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