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Divorce lawyers provide creative solutions for alimony payments

For couples everywhere, including Minnesota, divorce means uncoupling and then resolving a variety of issues. Some are purely emotional, and some are purely financial. Many, though, are both. For instance, a final divorce decree often requires that one spouse pay alimony or spousal support to the other. The spouse who must pay is often unhappy at having to pay anything at all and then vexed by the amount required. The spouse who receives may be similarly unhappy with the amount, believing the payer can afford to pay more.

Although child-support calculations are based on state-mandated formulas, there are no set guidelines for determining alimony payments. Alimony is not automatically granted in every divorce case. A court must first assess the circumstances for each case and then consider other factors before making decisions about whether alimony should be paid at all and then how much. Only a seasoned and experienced family law attorney can help a client when it comes to such decisions about alimony.

The law offices of Terzich & Ort LLP handle all alimony-related matters for both women and men in the Twin Cities area. In fact, both partners are widely acclaimed for their legal work. The firm represents both payers and receivers of alimony, so they know all of the issues involved.

Typically, courts consider several factors, including the duration of a marriage, the health and age of both spouses, their potential earning capacity, and the likelihood that either spouse will be able to maintain the living standard they enjoyed while married. If alimony becomes a possibility, then Terzich & Ort LLP can advise clients and the court as to whether payments should be temporary or permanent. Temporary alimony will require the recipient to be self-supporting by some set date, but no such condition is required for permanent alimony.

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