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Paternity disputes may be settled amicably in Minnesota

A Minnesota resident may be involved in a paternity dispute over a minor sometimes. At this point, it is wise to consult an experienced attorney, who can provide sound legal advice. That is because, if a man does not take the legal advice of an experienced attorney, he may end up relinquishing his parental rights. Consulting an experienced attorney will also reduce the time that it takes to establish paternity.

The law offices of Terzich & Ort LLP have experienced attorneys who have established the parental rights of mothers and fathers. In fact, the attorneys have been designated as "Rising Stars" by a reputable Minnesota magazine. The firm has been able to build a strong reputation through its commitment to personal client details and integrity. The firm has been able to provide courteous and prompt service.

In Minnesota, a paternity service is required when a child is born out of wedlock. Then, paternity disputes may occur with any parent who has denied or is alleging paternity. The parent will need to sign a recognition of parentage, and then that parent will need to establish child custody, visitation or child support. When there is no ROP, the man who is seeking to establish fatherhood needs to approach the court.

The Minnesota attorneys will handle those matters related to paternity disputes with a lot of care. The law firm will help the person through every stage, from helping to file the necessary documents in court to establishing paternity. In the event of paternity disputes, the law firm will help with DNA testing as well. Once paternity has been established, the parents can approach the court for child support, child custody and visitation orders.

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