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November 2015 Archives

Shh...secrets about the divorce process attorneys know

For those who are contemplating or are in the middle of a divorce, any hints, tips or tricks will help. Luckily, with several dozens of combined years of experience with divorce mediation and litigation, there are several tips we are willing to share. Some of these tips relate to property division or child custody. Read on to discover just what to keep in mind during a Minnesota divorce.

Answers to common MN divorce and property division questions

Many have heard the 'horror stories' associated with the division of property during a divorce. But does it really have to be this combative and stress-filled? What if both parties agreed to be fair and negotiable during the asset division process? For those who believe you will soon be facing a high asset divorce situation, these are questions you may be asking yourself.

Child support specifics for Twin Cities area divorce cases

Divorce and family law matters can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the Minnesota family in question. At Terzich & Ort LLP we understand how important these specifics are to each family and case in question. For those who are determining child custody arrangements, there is something that should be said for child support obligations and other similar arrangements. Cost of living is a big determinant for deciding child support obligations.

Same-sex couples divorce law and procedures in Minnesota

With much of the nation still up in arms over the issue of same-sex divorce, Minnesota, in comparison, has been settled on this issue for years now. Some are not aware that same-sex marriage has been legal in MN prior to the Supreme Court's decision earlier this year determining that barring same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. However, Minnesota does allow same-sex couples a divorce or dissolution of marriage under state law. There are certain laws that need to be met in order to qualify for a same-sex divorce in MN.

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