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We consider child's best interests in MN custody proceedings

Custody decisions are made in order to best benefit the child in the dispute. Some parents can forget this small detail when caught up in a disagreement with an ex-spouse or the child's father or mother. However, focusing on the child's best interests is what keeps Minnesota parents on track towards a workable custody arrangement. The legal experts at Terzich & Ort LLP can help reinforce the best interests of a child in child custody proceedings.

Since child custody is a family law issue, and thus governed by the state, Minnesota has 12 points that help determine the best interests of the child when it comes to child custody arrangements. The biggest and more referenced points include the child needs, child's preference, any mention of abuse and the primary caretaker of the child.

Needs, preference and evidence of abuse are easy to distinguish but who is the primary caretaker of the child can sometimes be difficult to discern. The primary caretaker is defined as the person who rears the child and has the most direct contact with them on a day-to-day basis.

Of course there are several other factors of the 12 that make up what determines a child's best interests. Depending on the family situation, other factors may be more relevant to determine child custody than the ones listed above.

Whether or not you believe that you should have full or partial custody of your child, the 12 points determining a child's best interests will be a one of the largest, if not the largest factor that determines that decision. How a parent fits into the equation can be best advised by a professional who understands how a parent's situation and desires translate under Minnesota law.

Keep in mind that many families are able to negotiate a joint-custody arrangement that serves everyone's interests with of course the child's best interest first. If this is not possible and two parents are fighting over custody, our knowledgeable attorneys have the experience to guide parents through these disputes.

To learn more, check out our firm's child custody website. Staying calm and having patience will certainly see the process through, helping parents meet the needs of the children involved.

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