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Understanding same-sex divorce in Minnesota

Divorce is a more complicated process than becoming married and is referred to as a dissolution of marriage under Minnesota law. The divorce process can take months and a dissolution of marriage in Minnesota requires one of the spouses to be living in Minnesota at least 180 days prior to the divorce proceedings being filed. The divorce process can vary according to the amount of time and cost it requires based on the unique circumstances of each divorcing couple but it can be helpful for divorcing couples to have an idea of what to expect.

How is child support determined in Minnesota?

In Minnesota children have the right to be financially supported by their parents. Child support is a court order of financial support for a child. There are several different ways that child support can be requested, however, it is generally requested by one of the child's parents. Child support is calculated based on child support guidelines and child custody can play a role in child support calculations.

A look at how child custody is determined in Minnesota

Child custody is an important concern for most divorcing parents. As a result, it can be helpful for parents approaching the divorce process to understand how child custody concerns are commonly handled. In Minnesota, the law provides for two different types of custody, including legal custody and physical custody.

The important role of divorce mediation in the divorce process

There are a number of different ways to avoid a contentious divorce process. One option may be divorce mediation. The mediation process allows divorcing couples a different setting to discuss, negotiate and resolve divorce-related issues. Issues can concern property division; finances, including spousal maintenance or alimony; and children, such as child custody and child support.

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