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The important role of divorce mediation in the divorce process

There are a number of different ways to avoid a contentious divorce process. One option may be divorce mediation. The mediation process allows divorcing couples a different setting to discuss, negotiate and resolve divorce-related issues. Issues can concern property division; finances, including spousal maintenance or alimony; and children, such as child custody and child support.

Mediators are well trained and carefully selected to help couples resolve divorce-related issues as efficiently and amicably as possible. The divorcing couple, not the mediator, ultimately makes the decisions; however, the mediator and other professionals can help facilitate the process so that it is resolved more quickly and with less cost and acrimony than may otherwise be the case. Because divorcing couples are able to make decisions that are best for their families, it can be helpful for couples to work together as much as possible and reach agreements whenever possible.

The outcome of the divorce process is a settlement agreement that is intended to be in the best interests of the parties. The divorce mediation process can help keep couples focused on the outcome and future and ensure a successful financial future for both parties moving forward. Divorce mediation is an option that is not as contentious as litigation and can save the couple time, money and bad feelings as they move forward through the divorce and afterwards.

The family law process offers many different options for families to help address the unique needs of their situations and circumstances. Mediation is one resource offered that can help families resolve important divorce-related issues in as efficient a manner as possible.

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