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Modifications may be an option following a divorce in Minnesota

Modifications concerning a number of divorce-related issues may be needed following a divorce. Court orders relating to child support or child custody may become unworkable following a divorce due to a change in circumstances. When a significant change in circumstances creates a need for change concerning a divorce agreement or divorce order, an agreement modification may be possible.

Modifications to divorce agreements and enforcement of divorce agreements or orders oftentimes go hand in hand. In child support circumstances, a recipient parent may not receive the child support that has been ordered, while the paying parent may be facing challenges paying the required child support, which is a circumstance that can arise due to a job loss. The family law process provides options for both a parent who is seeking to collect child support and the paying parent who is seeking to modify a child support order as the situation and circumstances permit.

Similarly, in child custody situations, the need for a parental relocation request may arise, or the need to modify a parenting schedule may arise as time passes. Changes may be requested based on work changes, job schedule changes, for health reasons or based on the needs of the child. Whenever divorce-related agreements or orders are made, the best interests of any children involved are always the primary focus of any decision being made. When a parent, or child, has experienced a significant change in circumstances, it may be possible to request a child support modification, child custody modification or other type of modification.

Change is a constant in life, which is a reality the family law process accounts for. It is important for parents and parties to a divorce to keep in mind that modifications can be requested concerning a number of divorce-related issues, including child support, alimony and child custody and visitation.

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