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November 2016 Archives

Important points about paternity in Minnesota

For Minnesotans, the term "paternity" means more than just the establishing of the biological father of a child. It is an important factor in parental rights and the relationship between father and child. It also helps with making certain that the child is adequately cared for whether there is a relationship between the child and the father or not. There are important points that must be remembered when it comes to paternity.

Can visitation rights be granted to non-parents in Minnesota?

When parents in Minnesota are no longer together as a couple, one of the most contentious issues that arises often has to do with visitation rights. Other situations can muddle this even further such as grandparents' rights or the rights of others to see the child. State law grants visitation rights to people who are not the parent of the child in certain circumstances. Understanding how the law handles this is an important factor in maintaining the relationship with children.

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