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Issues related to child custody after a same-sex divorce

Same-sex couples in Minnesota enjoy the rights to marry and to partake in the legal benefits bestowed on heterosexual couples by the state and federal governments. However, just as some heterosexual marriages end in divorce, so too do some legal unions between individuals of the same sex. While any divorce can be plagued with challenges, certain issues related to same-sex divorces can be particularly difficult to sort out.

Do Minnesota grandparents have visitation rights?

Losing a child to an accident or illness can be a traumatic experience for a parent, regardless of the age of the unfortunate victim. It is a sad fact that in some cases when an adult child dies it can be difficult for his parents to maintain contact with the deceased child's children. The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is very special; the state of Minnesota's laws include several provisions that seek to protect this bond in the event that death, divorce or other life events threaten to impact it.

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