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The basics of a child support order in Minnesota

Sometimes, the most basic aspects of a child support case can be glossed over and missed. As Minnesota couples try to hammer out a support agreement, it is imperative to understand of the fundamental aspects of a case. This includes what the child support order will include. There are three types of support that must be provided. They are basic support, medical support, and child care support. All three must be addressed in a case, but it does not necessarily have to be ordered. All three can be reserved.

Basic support entails anything that relates to the child's foundational care. It includes a home, food, clothes, and transportation. The combined income of the parents will be the determinative factor. This is known as the Parental Income for Determining Child Support. Also important is the number of joint children. Not included in the basic support agreement are payments that are in arrears.

Medical support relates to health care. It might include medical, dental and vision coverage. The court might order parents to contribute a monthly amount toward paying for the coverage or medical assistance. The court also has the right to order parents to pay out of pocket a part of what is not covered through insurance.

Child care support is for the custodial parent having to leave the child with someone or at a daycare center while he or she goes to work or school. The income of the parents will be reviewed and the court will decide how much of the child care responsibility should fall to the noncustodial parent.

When parents have a child, but are no longer together as a couple, the everyday expenses of the child's care must be shared by both. This includes the above-listed necessities. When there is a dispute over child support or issues related to support obligations, a legal professional who is experienced in child support cases can help.

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