How Can Grandparents Protect Relationships With Grandchildren?

Divorce is not only hard on the parents and children, but it is also traumatic for extended family, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and other people who have a bond with the child. People who may have seen your child or children at Thanksgiving now may only see them every other year with shared custody agreements. They may no longer see the kids at Easter. Grandparents may worry their valuable time spent with a grandson or granddaughter will now be much more limited. So how can grandparents' rights to these relationships be protected?

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Reasons Grandparents Pursue Legal Visitation

In Minnesota, grandparents have the option to pursue establishment of legal visitation rights. Several circumstances may necessitate a grandparent choosing to pursue a legal path to protect visitation rights with grandchildren, including:

  • Death of their child (the parent of the grandchild)
  • Being estranged from their child
  • Having the grandchildren living with them for 12 or more months

Whatever the reason, if you want to pursue legal visitation rights, an experienced Minnesota attorney can help you.

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