Parenting Classes For Contested Custody And Visitation May Be Required

In Minnesota, custody disputes sometimes carry a requirement for attending parenting classes. This requirement may be ordered at the court's discretion. Any courses taken must meet the Parent Education Minimum Standards. Some courses may be available online or in-person. The Twin Cities divorce attorneys at Terzich & Ort, LLP, can provide you with information on qualified courses and organizations.

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Parenting Classes For Contested Custody And Visitation

For parties who are unable to reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation, a combination of three classes is required. The two classes listed below are mandatory:

  1. Hennepin County education video with mediation. This three and one-half-hour class is held at a variety of times and locations. This program is free. To register or learn more about available dates, please call Hennepin County Divorce Court at (763) 391-7354.
  2. The L.E.A.D. Program. L.E.A.D. is an acronym for Legal and Economic Aspects of Divorce. It is a one and one-half-hour class and costs $20.00 per person. A certificate of completion is given to all participants, which must be filed with the court. For more information, contact the Headway organization at 763-391-7354.

The third class must be one of the programs listed below:

  • Storefront Co-Parenting Program
  • Chrysalis Shared Parenting

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