What Is A Social Early Neutral Evaluation?

The Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) occurs early in the divorce process when children are involved and conducted by one neutral male and female. The parties, and their lawyers, meet with the Minnesota evaluating team, and provide them with important details about the children and parental roles each played during their upbringing.

At the Maple Grove office of Terzich & Ort, LLP, we are a firm that is dedicated to handling a wide variety of family court matters. We are trained in the SENE process and have assisted hundreds of clients in SENE matters. This is a fairly new process to Minnesota family law cases and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the evaluations and how they affect clients' cases.

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How Does The SENE Process Work?

During the initial discussion, parties typically are allowed to present their positions on child custody and are encouraged to respond amicably to each other. The ENE team or facilitator may ask questions to clarify some points and gather more information. Once the ENE facilitator gathers enough information about the situation, they/ he or she will identify some positives and lay out how each party is contributing to the well-being of the children.

The facilitator or facilitators will also point out weaknesses in the parties' positions, giving clear reasons why the position should change. This allows the parties to see points of contention and agreement so that they can come up with some viable parenting plan options. The evaluators are then in a position to offer their opinion and guidance before a full custody study is undertaken. Settlement discussions take place, with the goal of reaching an agreement is likely mirrors that which the court would order.

In many cases, the ENE program leads to settlements that both parents agree on and that serve the best interests of the children. In cases that do not lead to settlement, then it is reported to the court that there was no settlement and other arrangements are made to resolve the issue, such as litigation. Anything discussed with your attorney and during the SENE process remains confidential.

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