Do You Need Help With Child Support In Minnesota?

In Minnesota, child support includes three separate financial obligations payable from one parent to another: basic support, medical support and child care support. Basic support is determined by applying the guidelines, using the gross income of both parents. A noncustodial parent can receive a credit on a basic support obligation to take into consideration shared expenses, if the children spend more than 10 percent of their time with the noncustodial parent.

At Terzich & Ort, LLP, we work with parents, reviewing all proposed orders for compliance with Minnesota child support payment guidelines. We will also review any proposed order to verify that all relevant income, such as self-employment, seasonal or commission-based income, is properly included in the calculation.

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How Is Child Support Calculated In Minnesota?

Medical support is also ordered, such as medical and dental insurance premiums, co-pay and deductibles. Child care support is also divided between the parents. The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides a child support calculator for parents to use to assist them in calculating support. Several factors are involved in the calculations, including:

  • Each parent's gross monthly income (from all sources)
  • How many children live in each parent's home
  • Any other child support orders for either parent
  • Any spousal maintenance orders for either parent
  • The amount of Social Security or veterans' benefits paid to a joint child due to a parent's disability or retirement
  • The monthly cost for both medical and dental coverage
  • The amount of child care costs
  • The percentage, or amount, of parenting time awarded in a court order

Child support can be modified or changed if the circumstances of either parent or the children change. Changes in circumstances can include a change in income, the residence of the child or significant changes in the needs of a child, such as an illness requiring child medical support, among other things.

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