Gays and lesbians have long faced challenges before the law, from the right to marry to the right to adopt a child. Nowadays, same-sex partners in Minnesota still face countless challenges, particularly when it comes to the area of family law. Sadly, changes in the law often seem to precede changes in society, and bias and prejudice are obstacles that many same-sex partners face every day. For family law dilemmas, it may necessar/y to seek experienced, assertive legal help.

Family law issues are typically difficult to navigate for any couple or former couple. Unlike other areas of the law, there are often heated emotions involved, as well as confusion regarding legal processes and legal rights. This is especially true for gay and lesbian couples, since it seems changes to the law take place every day.

The experienced family law attorneys at Terzich & Ort focus exclusively on family law. The attorneys prioritize their client’s best interests when providing legal options. Meetings with these compassionate family lawyers often involving carefully weighing the emotional and financial costs of each course of action. While the firm’s attorneys are ready to assert their client’s rights in court, they will share with their clients all of their many legal options for dispute resolution before entering into litigation.

The legal team at Terzich & Ort keeps the issues at hand focused on the well-being of their client and that of any children involved. For same-sex couples as well as opposite-sex couples, help with legal issues such as custody of children, separation and property division and so on is just a consultation away.