It happens sometimes in Minnesota that there is a question as to who a child’s father is. However, if a man is unwed to the child’s mother, believes he is the child’s father and wants to pursue rights to his child, he needs to establish paternity. If not, he could unwittingly relinquish his rights to the child. That is when it is important to have an attorney by one’s side, such as those at the law office of Terzich & Ort, LLP.

Through a paternity action, legal fatherhood can be established in cases where the child’s purported father was not married to the child’s mother. Believe it or not, both the child’s mother and the purported father can either allege the man is the child’s biological father or can deny that this is the case.

One way to establish paternity is through a Recognition of Parentage or ROP. By signing this document, the man will be considered the child’s father for legal purposes. This means that the father can then go on to seek child custody or visitation rights. It also means the child’s mother can seek child support from the father. If thttps://www.tolawoffice.comhe child’s unmarried parents do not sign an ROP, paternity must be established through a court action. For example, the court may order a DNA test to determine if the man is the child’s father.

The professionals at Terzich & Ort, LLP, understand the legal intricacies that surround a paternity action. They can assist their clients by preparing and filing the appropriate legal documents. They can also represent their clients in court hearings, advocating for their clients’ interests in paternity disputes.

Their webpage on paternity actions may be a good starting point for parents in Minnesota who have questions about what to do when paternity is in question. Whether you seek to protect your rights or deny them, it is important to be fully aware of the process and what is required from you.