Divorce can be incredibly hard on kids. When their parents end their marriage, and the family enters into a new normal of custody schedules and visitation, children can become unsettled by the changes in their lives. In Minnesota family law courts can award custodial parents financial support from the noncustodial parents to help provide their children with the goods and services they need to thrive.

Child support may be used for a child’s everyday expenses, such as food, clothing, transportation costs and even housing. It may be applied to the expenses related to a child’s medical care, costs associated with his or her school fees, extracurricular activities and even travel and entertainment costs. Guidelines provide a framework for how much child support a custodial parent should receive from the noncustodial parent, and those guidelines take into consideration a variety of factors that include the parents’ incomes and the needs of the child.

However, as every parent knows, the needs of a child change as he develops and grows. Changes in age will bring changes in the schools he may attend, the activities he may participate in and the day-to-day needs he will require. The costs of providing a child with what he needs to remain healthy and prospering can increase or decrease as his needs adjust.

The attorneys of Terzich & Ort are available to speak with parents about the child support needs of their kids. Whether a parent is responsible for paying support that he or she believes should be reduced or is providing custodial care to children and believes that support should be augmented, our attorneys can provide guidance on child support topics including but not limited to modification and enforcement. Please visit the firm’s webpage on child support to begin exploring how an attorney can help with child support issues.