People often get divorced because they feel that they no longer recognize or understand the person whom they married. This can often happen to people who have married what psychologists would define as a narcissist.

A narcissist is considered to be a person who is excessively self-interested. This means that they can often disguise their self-interest at the beginning of the relationship, and project their self-interest onto their romantic partner. They often behave as though they idolize their partner in the initial stages. However, narcissists tend to have problems with partnerships when they encounter conflict. This is because they have an obsessive need to win an argument and they display a distinct lack of empathy. Relationships with narcissists often break down when the narcissist starts to show their true colors.

If you believe that your divorcing spouse has narcissistic tendencies, it is important that you factor this in as part of your divorce strategy. You should make sure that you are prepared for the way that your divorcing spouse is likely to navigate the process.

Therapy after a relationship with a narcissist is important

As the divorcing spouse of a narcissist, it is important to recognize that you have likely been a victim of emotional abuse. While it might not be helpful to view yourself only as a victim, you should recognize that therapy sessions will only serve to empower you. They will be able to help you to see the relationship that you had in a more objective light, and you will be able to recognize the ways in which you were potentially manipulated.

Let the anger and frustration go

It’s easy to become frustrated to see your ex’s narcissistic charm and attention-seeking tactics work on others. However, you should let that negative energy go. Instead, focus on the truth and on your own future.

Be one step ahead of manipulative tactics

Narcissists will likely be forceful in a divorce since they will be eager to get the upper hand. Make sure that you are well prepared in your divorce strategy so that you have the best chance of success.

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