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Child custody laws in Minnesota undergo changes

There may be a need to make changes in some of the child custody laws, and the state of Minnesota has witnessed some of these changes for those who are finalizing their divorce. The law now states that the factors for determining child custody should be redefined while granting joint custody of the child. The law will no longer make a presumption for or against joint custody, except in cases involving domestic violence or abuse.

Disagreement over custody issues is no longer sufficient for a court to find an inability of the parents to cooperate. Parenting time will be considered while taking into account the best interest of the child.

Many people think that the best custody decisions are made when there is cooperation from both parents. A joint custody agreement gives both the parents the opportunity to cooperatively make decisions for the benefit of the child, since a child needs the care of both the parents during his or her growing years. If the parents are non-cooperative with each other, the court will intervene in order to make a decision on their behalf.

Sometimes, one of the parents can become irresponsible, financially unstable or show streaks of violent behavior toward the children. In special cases like this, child custody is then granted to the parent who can better take care of the child.

Hiring an attorney during such cases can help a parent make more informed decisions for the child. Because child custody issues are quite complicated, an experienced attorney has the necessary skills to handle such complications. An attorney can help parents protect their legal rights and make proactive decisions that always take into consideration the best interest of the child.

Source: NNCNow.com, "New children custody after divorce law," May 7, 2014

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