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New trend in divorce requires celebrating end with parties

If statistics are to be believed, many couples in Maple Grove, Minnesota, are either contemplating or in the middle of a divorce. Fifty years ago, divorce was discouraged and something not discussed. However, times have changed, and it is now more socially acceptable to divorce, so much so, that recently many couples are organizing extravagant divorce parties to celebrate the end of a marriage. Special cakes are ordered with special designs and champagne is served all around.

Divorce today has a new meaning. It is no longer an end of a relationship or a marriage, but the beginning of a new identity and freedom of expression for the divorced. Recently, an event planner said he designed a divorce celebration cake worth $25,000. This baker said as divorce cases rise, the demand for divorce cakes is also accelerating, with at least one divorce cake order per month. Expensive parties are hosted, where the father of the bride walks alone down the aisle to reclaim his daughter. The bridesmaid, who caught the bride's flowers during the wedding, throws the flowers back at the bride and so on. Innovative ideas are being used to make divorce a cause for celebration, not mourning.

Many divorcing couples now want to part ways in an amicable way. If children are involved in the process of the divorce, they are more willing to share that responsibility together.

If some dispute arises between couples after divorce, it might be best to consult an experienced Minnesota divorce lawyer. The lawyer may provide the climate and guidance for best decision to make a divorce mutual and protect the interest of both parties.

Source: The Daily News, "Today's divorces can mean cake and eating it, too," June 2, 2014

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