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January 2015 Archives

What should a Minnesota resident do before announcing a divorce?

Divorce may be one of the most psychologically and emotionally traumatic events for many Minnesota residents, as well as people throughout the United States. One of the major emotional issues during a divorce may be the bitterness that develops between estranged couples. But, planning ahead to resolve these issues, as well as ones that may pertain to significant assets or matters relating to child custody, may be crucial in arriving at an amicable settlement.

Child support payment withheld from unemployment insurance

Child support payments are a basic responsibility of a non-custodial parent. Evading this responsibility is not only wrong, but doing so can create major financial stress for the child as well as the custodial parent. For those reasons, Minnesota law strictly prohibits such child support payment evasion.

Resolving legal issues between same-sex partners in Minnesota

Ever since the recognition of same-sex marriage in Minnesota in 2013, gay and lesbian relationships have now become like heterosexual relationships in being subject to the laws under various family law categories such as divorce and child custody. Fortunately, because the attorneys at Terzich & Ort LLP have championed the rights of families and children for years, they could help with these same legal matters for same-sex couples.

What is Minnesota father's adoption registry?

Historically, Minnesota mothers had the role of primary caregivers for children. One of the major byproducts of the gender movement in the 1970's was the rise of fathers' rights advocates in the state. Many times, unwed mothers gave up their biological children for adoption. The fathers usually had no say in such matters where the child was born out of wedlock.

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