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Non-residents of Minnesota can file for same-sex divorce

There are so many reasons that same-sex couples may decide to marry today. Believe it or not, there are also so many reasons that same-sex couples may decide to divorce. Whatever the basis is for separation or divorce, there are options for same-sex couples in the state of Minnesota. It is well known in the same-sex marriage community that not all states are as welcoming of same-sex marriage and divorce; however, that is not the case in Minnesota.

Minnesota law has historically been extremely pro-active for rights supporting same-sex couples and marriages. Same-sex separation and divorce are no exception. When it comes to same-sex divorce there are no residency restrictions that limit who can be divorced in the state of Minnesota. This is great news for anyone who is seeking a same-sex separation or divorce.

The Supreme Court decision, Obergefell, really broke ground nationwide for same-sex marriage. However, that was a federal court decision on a historically state decided matter. In short, not all states have completely jumped on board with the Supreme Court's ruling. While many states may be slow to adapt, Minnesota has been ahead of the curve for years by allowing same-sex marriage many years prior to Obergegell.

Now, Minnesota is ahead of the game when it comes to same-sex divorce. Only a handful of other states do not impose residency restrictions on same-sex divorce. Minnesota same-sex couples seeking divorce in and around the Midwest may look to Minnesota as their solution.

While same-sex couples do not intend to marry to end the relationship with divorce, it is important to understand the rights and options with regards to this major life event. Those dealing with this or other divorce legal issues should take steps to ensure they make informed decisions.

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