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Initiating a divorce can be a difficult step to take. However, when children are involved, parents are often faced with even more challenging issues. The first item up for discussion is often child custody. Yet, even when an agreement is quickly reached with regard to this issue, divorcing parents may still have a number of other complicated matters to address. When a parent requests child support, for example, a heated dispute can ensure.

At Terzich & Ort, LLP, our experienced attorneys have handled a wide variety of child support disputes, and we are motivated and dedicated to serving residents in the Minneapolis area. We pride ourselves on our strong commitment to personal service and attention to detail, and it is our goal to help our clients meet their goals and find the best solution for their matter.

Whether an individual has just begun discussing a child support order, are debating over the details of the order, or are seeking child support modification, our skilled and knowledgeable legal team can help at any phase of the process. We have helped our clients collect any and all relevant documents, such as those detailing income, expenses, and financial needs for raising a child, which can be pivotal regardless of whether you a custodial parent seeking to obtain child support, or a noncustodial parent seeking to minimize your obligation.

Our law firm has also helped past client reach resolutions on medical support and childcare support. We focus on the standards set for child support, using a child support calculator to guide our clients throughout the process.

To learn more, check out our law firm's child support website. Dealing with disputes concerning child support can unpleasant, but having a strong advocate on your side can help you fight for what is best for you and in best interests of the child.

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