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Should you seek alimony to get back at your ex?

Divorce can cause many concerns. One major apprehension is how an individual will be able to transition from his or her married life to a single life. This is not only an emotional and social challenge, but it can also be a financial hardship. If one spouse did not work during the marriage because they acted as the primary caregiver for the couple's child, or they earned less than the other spouse, it is likely that they will seek spousal support. Alimony can be a very beneficial resource, helping the recipient meet his or her financial needs post-divorce.

Can spousal support be sought for negative reasons? Divorcing couples who progress through a complex and bitter divorce often face a lot of pain and heartache. This, in turn, often leads to a thirst for revenge. When a spouse seeks to hit their ex where it really hurts, what better way than to hit them where it counts - their wallet?

The sad reality is that requesting alimony out of spite gives only a false sense of entitlement. However, recipient spouses do not recognize this right away because they are too busy pushing their needs and wants forward.

While these spouses might still require a certain amount of alimony to get by in the post-divorce life, some spouses will seek beyond what they require. This tends to lengthen and complicate the divorce process. Because the court looks at certain standards and factors of the marriage when making a spousal support determination, the court will be able to spot when a spouse is seeking beyond what they require to meet his or her financial needs.

Whether a spouse requires alimony or not, requesting spousal support can be a messy process. Spouses will often argue about the terms, making it emotional. However, if the best interests of everyone involved are kept in the forefront, it is possible to reach a timely and fair agreement.

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