For a very long time, same-sex marriage was not legal in many states in the U.S. However, a landmark ruling passed by the Supreme Court on June 26 affected all of the prejudices that same-sex couples have to face. Now, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the entire country. The decision was 5-4. The judge, who penned the majority opinion, said that same-sex couples want their dignity to be preserved in the eyes of law, just like heterosexual couples. The Constitution gives same-sex couples the right to equality and dignity.

Experts say that the moment was historic and the opinion has been recorded many times over. The plaintiff, who led the case of same-sex marriage in the court, said that the ruling merely affirmed what all the same-sex couples knew in their hearts. That love is real. Now, this equality in the eyes of the law would apply to Minnesota as well where, according to Minnesota law, equality will be practiced.

The lead plaintiff in the case, who filed the lawsuit as he was not allowed to put the name of his late husband on the death certificate, pointed out quite categorically that nobody should have to suffer this indignity. The man has been traveling across the country so that he could be in the Supreme Court at the time of the ruling.

Even President Obama praised the ruling, saying the same-sex marriage ruling came as a pleasant surprise to all. He said that the ruling would strengthen the bond between the communities. In fact, the President called this a victory for the entire country. However, the same-sex marriage issue can be complicated and it is a good idea to consult an attorney to help the person navigate the process smoothly.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio News, “Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states,” Bill Chappell, June 26, 2015