What If Your Kids Are Being Harmed?

If your kids face a potentially dangerous situation, you want to get them out of harm's way as soon as possible. You may want to initiate changing your custody agreement. After custody agreements and visitation rights are set in the divorce decree and the decree is finalized, it becomes more difficult to get these agreements changed because you must be able to prove that the child in is danger.

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Reasons Why People Seek Changes In Custody Agreements

There are many different reasons people initiate changes to custody agreements. If your child is being exposed to a dangerous living arrangement, you may want sole custody. Getting sole custody can be legally challenging, however. Under Minnesota law, you will have to prove that your child is in danger. Some of the factors that could prove your child is being exposed to a dangerous situation include:

  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Child abuse by the other parent or by someone living in the other parent's home
  • Poor parenting decisions which endanger the child
  • Hazardous conditions in the other parent's home
  • Any other reason the child may be in danger when in the other parent's care

We assist parents in seeking modifications to custody agreements and pursuing a reduction or elimination of parenting time for the other parent. We can also help you in domestic violence cases if you want to pursue an order for protection (OFP).

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